Commandos: Part One is based off the events of the IronFall 2019 Reboot and IronFall: Resurgence. Like Jim said, Mitchell and John would be directing it and Jim's right hand man Jake Simmons. Since Henry Watkins is dead, his twin brother Tony Watkins will play as the Commander.


The Dyxides take Professor Lemming, The Commander sends out two experienced agents Victor and Grant. Since they couldn't work as a team, they chose to add other people to it, to find him. Like the first film, the commander is a Dyxide.


Tony Watkins as The Commander/ Dyxide Supreme Leader

Simon Bozeem as Victor

Johnathan Hazel as Grant

Samantha Wilson as Agent Samantha Finch

Sam Larson as Agent Carls

Kai Zheng as Dyxide Second in Command

Ralph Wagner as Professor Lemming

Jake Biggs as Dyxide Secretary

Jackie Ripkie as Dyxide Queen


Jim confirmed that there will be a second Commandos movie after IronFall: Resurgence was released.