Frederick Bay Horn is a popular actor, known to appear in short films when he was a child. His career of acting in short films lead him to star in future films like IronFall 2019 Reboot and the leading sequel. He has directed one of the films from the IronFall franchise, but it's the only one.

Early life Edit

Horn was born on January 4, 1978 in Sacramento, California. After he turned 3, he started to star in short films like Hounds save the World, based off the song. After that he started to star in more short films. In 2015, after he turned 37, he was chosen to play as Agent Jim in the IronFall 2019 Reboot.

Career Edit

In 2003 he started to star in short films, until in 2015 he was chosen by director Jim Falco for four IronFall films. Until the fifth film, he will be very popular by 2027. Horn is going to star in more films to come.

Personal life Edit

Horn moved to Sacramento in 2000, when he and his family lived in Seattle, Washington. He married Farmer in Seattle when his father died. He said "he wanted to stay away from the sadness". He had a child in 2005 and named him Johnathan.

Credits Edit

Films Edit

Theatrical releases Edit

Hounds save the World (2003)

Michael and the Aliens (2004)

Jack Snap (2011)

Carl el Jackass (2015)

IronFall 2019 Reboot (2019)

IronFall: I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N. (2021)

IronFall: Resurgence (2023)

Untitled Fourth IronFall film (2025)