IronFall: A New Generation is based off the events from Commandos: Part One and Two. It also basically talks about the origin story of the two new cadets.


After The Commander/Fred Horn dies, Jessie Watkins/Agent Kate takes over the agency. After Agent Simmons discovers a Dyxide stowaway inside the brig of the ship, he attempts to kill her, but he brings her in instead, turning her into an agent.


Jessie Watkins as Agent Kate

Agent Kate, tech person, used to work with Commander Jim. Now called Commander Kate, with Agent Carls.

Michael O'Hara as Agent Simmons

Agent Simmons is a recruit for the secret organization, brought in by Agent Kate.

Sasha Banks as Agent Kim

Agent Kim, is a recruit for the secret organization and partner of Agent Simmons. Also brought in by Agent Kate.

Kai Zheng as Supreme Lord Dyxide

After serving uder two Emperors, he decides to take over as Supreme Lord.

Simon Bozeem as Victor

A retired agent, that stars in Commandos: Part One.

Sam Larson as War Monger

A scientist that marries Agent Kate. He uses a power armor suit.

Shia LaBeouf as A character with an undisclosed name.

Karen Fukuhara as The stowaway with an undisclosed name.


Simmons confirmed that this will be his last film. Filming starts in July.