IronFall: Resurgence is a sequel based off the second one IronFall: I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N. Jim announced that this is his last IronFall film, then he will put Jake Simmons in charge of filming the next five films.


After Commander Jim trains the new cadets, Ripkie the Dyxide Empress comes back to kill Jim. Jim is then stabbed and dies. Agent Simmons (Michael O'hara) avenges Jim's death by ending the Dyxide nation for good. This film then leads to three anthology films, and continuation films, until the franchise is over.

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Fred Horn as Commander Jim

Previous name "Agent Jim" used to be partners with Agent Kate. After the events of the last IronFall 2019 film, he became the commander, after the previous one died.

Jessie Watkins as Agent Kate

Agent Kate, tech person, used to work with Commander Jim. Now partners with Agent Carls, now wears a battle suit called the War Monger. She marries Agent Carls in the previous film IronFall: I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N.

Ralph Wagner as Professor Lemming

A once Agent, now changed to a Professor.

Jackie Ripkie as Dyxide Empress

Ruler of the Dyxide nation, bent on killing her boyfriend.

Sasha Banks as Agent Kim

Agent Kim, is a new recruit for the secret organization and partner of Agent Simmons.

Michael O'hara as Agent Simmons

Agent Simmons is a new recruit for the secret organization.

Jake Biggs as Dyxide Secretary

Sam Larson as War Monger

Agent Carls, wears a suit developed by Professor Lemming called the War Monger.

Simon Bozeem as Victor

A previous agent but retired. Bozeem makes a cameo appearance at the end of the film.


February 12, 2015 Jim confirmed that this would be his last film, and that his colleague Jake Simmons will be making the fourth film 2 anthology films and a last one. The name is still to be announced. February 22, 2015 Jake Simmons chose two directors Mitchell Minson and John Farville to direct the anthologies. February 30, 2015, Jim wanted Simon Bozeem to appear in at least one of the anthologies.