Jim Thaddeus Falcone was born in Houston, Texas. His mother left him at the age of five, that influenced him to start starring in plays and making films, because his mother talked about a lot. He has been interested in first-person shooter video games ever since hew as thirteen. And that was the inspiration of making IronFall.

Career Edit

At the age of 10, he starred in several plays; there are no documented records of the names of the play. When he turned 38, he saw the trailer for IronFall: Invasion for Nintendo, and that's when he went to work. First, he asked permission from VD-Dev and Nintendo to make another IronFall game, but he was rejected. So he asked to make a movie of it. He didn't intend to make 6 films so he hired Jake Simmons & Mitchell Minson to make more.

Film(s) Edit

Theatrical releases Edit

Film Director Year Notes
Simon Says?? Jim Falco 2015
Halo (2017 Reboot) 2017
IronFall 2019 Reboot Jim Falco 2019
IronFall: I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N. Jim Falco 2021
IronFall: Resurgence Jim Falco 2023
Titanfall: Eye in the Sky Jim Falco ???

Jail time Edit

On the fifth of October, Jim was sent to jail, because he stole a milky way four years ago, and got away under the name Jim Falco, when his name was Jim Thaddeus Falco. Another time he was arrested for attempting to rape his friend.