Ralph Johnson Wagner is a popular actor, known to appear in short films when he was a child, just like Fred Horn. Actually they were good friends. Ralph became an entrepreneur when he turned 11. After that he starred in several plays and one film. Ralph is Yiddish, he studies in Christianity and practices it.

Early life Edit

Wagner was born in August 1, 1973. While he was born his mother left him at an early age. After that, he started going to church with his father. He studied Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Quraysh. His birth name is Ralph Johnson Wagner. When he was 11 he started to play in theater. In 2006, he had his Bar Mitzvah and moved on from that. He married Carla in 2006.

Career Edit

In 1984, he starred in Macbeth. After that he went on broadway playing in more plays like Hounds save the World with his friend Fred Horn. In 2015 Jim Falco chose him to play Professor Lemming in the next five films.

Credits Edit

Theatrical releases Edit

Hounds save the World (1984)

Simon the Rhymer (1993)

Johnny Test: The Musical (2003)

IronFall 2019 Reboot (2019)

IronFall: I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N. (2021)

IronFall: Resurgence (2023)

Commandos: Part One (2025)

Commandos: Part Two (2026)